The "Fistikoupoli"

"Fistikoupoli" is a shop with traditional products, genuine Aegina PDO pistachio and amazing pistachio ice cream, located on the ground floor of the "Ammoudia" Hotel, in Agia Marina of Aegina.

Aegina is the first place in Greece where pistachios were cultivated, since the end of the 19th century. The pistachio of Aegina stands out for its quality, its aroma and its taste, because its production combines the dry thermal climate, the little moisture that exists due to the sea and its cultivation in the limestone soils of our island.

  • Superior quality
  • Excellent fragrance
  • Great flavor
  • Protected Designation of Origin

Traditional products

Genuine pistachios

Great pistachio ice cream

Recommented sightseeings

Very close to Agia Marina are the famous Monastery of Agios Nektarios, as well as the Temple of Aphaia which is Doric style, built in 500 BC. So you can combine your stay in the cosmopolitan Agia Marina with your visits to the Monastery of Agios Nektarios and the Temple of Aphaia.

The Church of Aphaia is preserved in a very good condition and in particular 24 of the 34 columns of the church are preserved, while it is also worth admiring the church of the Monastery of Agios Nektarios with its two high bell towers and the four rows of windows that are all topped by red bows.


Activities in Aegina island

Aegina island, apart from its beaches, the green-blue sea, the romantic walks, the tranquility and the night life, it offers to the vacationers intense and not only activities, combining sea and mountain. You will have a memorable time here with your friends or family.


Very close to the sandy beach of Agia Marina