How to get to us

How to get to us

In Agia Marina you can come:

Α. Directly from the port of Piraeus by ferry, which only takes passengers and no cars and only means of transport. Itineraries start approximately from June 1st.

Β. With the ferry boat "Antigoni" that operates from Piraeus to the port of Souvala and then from Souvala you arrive at Agia Marina with your means of transport, in about 10 minutes.

C. With the flying dolphins or the ferry boats that run the routes from Piraeus to the port of Aegina and then from the city of Aegina you come to Agia Marina with local transport buses.

* "Ammoudia Rooms" is exactly 40 meters from the bus stop coming from Aegina. The stop is on Afaia Avenue, right at the central intersection. At the intersection turn right down 40 meters.

* If you come by ferry from Piraeus, go up Afaias Avenue, go left and at the central intersection turn left down 40 meters.

Recommented sightseeings

Very close to Agia Marina are the famous Monastery of Agios Nektarios, as well as the Temple of Aphaia which is Doric style, built in 500 BC. So you can combine your stay in the cosmopolitan Agia Marina with your visits to the Monastery of Agios Nektarios and the Temple of Aphaia.

The Church of Aphaia is preserved in a very good condition and in particular 24 of the 34 columns of the church are preserved, while it is also worth admiring the church of the Monastery of Agios Nektarios with its two high bell towers and the four rows of windows that are all topped by red bows.


Activities in Aegina island

Aegina island, apart from its beaches, the green-blue sea, the romantic walks, the tranquility and the night life, it offers to the vacationers intense and not only activities, combining sea and mountain. You will have a memorable time here with your friends or family.


Very close to the sandy beach of Agia Marina